Dance of Life – Yoga and Healing

Find us on the premises of St Marks Church, 250 George Street, Fitzroy. The Dance of Life is a long established yoga school and healing centre in the heart of Fitzroy, just north of Melbourne’s CBD. We are committed to spiritual, emotional and physical health, happiness and peace of mind. Our philosophy is simply to open the mind and heart to the Infinite in each and everyone. Yoga and dance classes for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced are held 7 days/week. We also offer mums and bubs classes and pregnancy/ prenatal yoga instruction. Click here for our timetable and more information about the teachers at Dance of Life. Practitioners from diverse backgrounds such as shiatsumassage, arts therapy, kinesiology, dance movement therapy, body mind centering come together under one roof to work holistically towards your health.



Yoga Playground Thursdays 4:30pm

Have you got questions about your practice? Want to build strength? Work on something in particular? Or just warm up more deeply before class? Nina is running a one hour workshop every Thursday 4:30pm before her 5:30pm class. Just come along and play – by donation (plastic note suggested). And no, it’s not for kids 😉 Read below if you’re interested in our Mums and Bubs class.


Regular Yoga Workshops

Contact Nina if you’re interested in attending, or if you have specific workshop topics you’d like see addressed.
You can find and join the Facebook group here.

Sat, April 29th 1:15pm: Adho Mukha and Transitions

We’ll be looking at downward dog in depth, at its variations, at what is generally called the half vinyasa or vignette, and play with dogs! Commit to your breath in transitions; find approaches to a chaturanga practice; safe and comfortable in bhujangasana; jumping and stepping up/ through; comfortable and aware in adho mukha svanasana. … And I’m sure we’ll find many other aspects to examine :)

Contact Nina for details, to register and pay – cost is $30.

Please book in!

Time: 1:15pm
Location: Dance of Life, Fitzroy
All practitioners, all experiences welcome

Feel free to join the Facebook event.

Contact Nina if you’re interested in attending, or if you have specific workshop topics you’d like see addressed.

You can find and join the Facebook group here.

Yoga Philosophy Workshop series with Bryan

Seven steps to understanding the meaning of life, the universe and everything else.

When: Sundays 10am till 1pm March 19 till 30 April 2017

Cost: All sessions in total $210/$175. First three sessions essential. Per session $35/$30

This is a series of three hour workshops where the meaning of life from a yoga perspective will be discussed.
These are not simply dogmatic theories involving blind faith but are based on philosophical logic and perceptual experience.
Expect to read and discuss Yoga and Samkhya philosophy and see for yourself how these systems interact to explain the world we live in. Much of the information is covered in the writings of Sri Hariharananda Arunya; a Samkhyan scholar from the last century. It is all there in the Samkhyan Karika and the Yoga Sutras when you know where and how to look.
Each workshop will cover a series of topics that build up the picture of the universe and where we stand in it. You will have ample time to get all the questions you ever needed to ask about yoga answered.
There will be Chai available.
After this series of workshops you will understand what yoga is about and where it can go.

The first week covers the causes of the universe, the Gunas, the 25 Samkhyan Tattvas, who you are and your purpose in life.
The second week moves on to the mind and how it works, covering Karma and reincarnation.
The third week discusses creation and the concept of Isvara.
The fourth deals with the Yamas and the Niyamas and purifying the mind.
The fifth week discusses the states of mind and how to stop them.
The sixth week suggests seven ways to calm the mind.
The last week covers Mindfulness and the techniques of Shraddha, Virya and Smrti.


Yoga Therapy with Bryan

When: By appointment only
Offered by: Bryan Rogers. Contact Bryan Rogers on +61 429 413 049 or for an appointment
Where: Private sessions for people at the DOL studio and from his home in West Heidelberg.
Cost: $50 per session.

Most of our current health problems are caused by stress and wrong lifestyle or attitudinal habits. Yoga Therapy endeavours to get to the root of these issues by relaxation, breath work, simple structured exercises, herbs, diet, meditation, sound and lifestyle changes that you can implement for yourself with help from Bryan.
Yoga Therapy can help with physical problems associated with the back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees. It is also useful in depression and anxiety.


Community Class every last Sunday of the Month 3-4.30pm with Annie

This class is designed for everyone. In order to make yoga accessible, this class is offered on a plastic note donation basis (suggested). In line with the philosophy of accessibility and inclusivity, all levels are welcome. Whether it is your very first time doing yoga or you have been practicing for 30 years. The class caters to all needs and levels, with lots of options so everyone feels comfortable to either move slowly (or not at all) or to push themselves and explore the more challenging aspects of yoga. Followed by chai and chat.


Queer and Trans inclusive Yoga Class with Anu

This is a weekly, by donation, all-inclusive class for the LGBTIQA+ community and their friends. Everyone is welcome to join this class, including absolute beginners. There may be options to go stronger if you have more experience and wish to do this. Classes include movement and breath, breathing exercises, concentration, mindfulness and guided relaxation and meditation. For further information and to find out class days and times, please visit To keep up to date, like and follow the Facebook page and subscribe to events: Please contact Anu at with any questions.


As every year, we are running a New Years Yoga Intensive! Jan 9-13

Secure your spot by contacting Eugenie on 0429 092331 for classes running 6.30-8.30am, or Johannes on 0438 832000 for classes running 6-8pm.

Prices are $100 for either morning or evening, and $180 if you attend both morning and evening for a double intensive :) A $50 deposit is essential.


Mum’s and Bubs yoga!

We still have some spots left so contact Ingrid if you are keen to trial a class:  or 0433 891 775

Thursdays – 2-3pm (chai and snacks 3-4pm) $18 to trial a class at any time.


Prenatal Yoga Course

The 6-Week Prenatal Yoga Courses at Dance of Life run regularly  and commence every 2 months. They are suited for all trimesters and designed to support you during pregnancy, physically and emotionally by strengthening and nurturing the body. It is a weekly space to focus on your pregnancy and meet other mums-to-be. You will learn useful breathing techniques that women have employed for generations in assisting natural birth by staying centered, calm and strong. The body is going through vast inner and outer changes whilst growing a little human being and it is therefore important to nurture yourself with lots of love and tenderness.
Tuesdays from 6 to 7.30pm
Level 1, Room 2
For bookings or questions please contact Fee or 0414 343 566


Double Dip at DOL

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are double dip days!

Come to…

…Wednesdays 5:15pm and the 7:30pm class is free

… Thursdays 6:30am  and the 5:30pm class is free

…Fridays  7:30am and the 10am class is free


Yogafest Retreat Somers – Queens Birthday Weekend June 9-12

Join us for a weekend full of yoga, masterclasses, workshops, philosophy discussions, meditation, fresh sea air, walks in nature, healthy vegetarian food, chanting and more, right on the stunning beach at Somers, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Yogafest Retreat Somers is one of Australia’s longest running events of its kind, held biannually right on the edge of the sea.

Each event brings together some of Melbourne’s most committed and experienced teachers (all present or past teachers at Dance of Life). Yogafest Retreat and is run purely by volunteers with all money raised going directly to the charitable humanitarian work of Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).

We cater for students and enthusiasts of all levels, whether you are new to yoga and meditation or are a seasoned practitioner. We would love you to join us next June! Secure your spot now. 

More info 



Kirtan dates as follows:

18 March

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Donations go, as usual, to Amma’s charities.