Dance of Life – Yoga and Healing

Find us on the premises of St Marks Church, 250 George Street, Fitzroy. The Dance of Life is a long established yoga school and healing centre in the heart of Fitzroy, just north of Melbourne’s CBD. We are committed to spiritual, emotional and physical health, happiness and peace of mind. Our philosophy is simply to open the mind and heart to the Infinite in each and everyone. Yoga and dance classes for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced are held 7 days/week. We also offer mums and bubs classes and pregnancy/ prenatal yoga instruction. Click here for our timetable and more information about the teachers at Dance of Life. Practitioners from diverse backgrounds such as shiatsumassage, arts therapy, kinesiology, dance movement therapy, body mind centering come together under one roof to work holistically towards your health.


Yoga Playground Thursdays 4:30pm

Have you got questions about your practice? Want to build strength? Work on something in particular? Or just warm up more deeply before class? Nina is running a one hour workshop every Thursday 4:30pm before her 5:30pm class. Just come along and play – by donation (plastic note suggested). And no, it’s not for kids 😉 Read below if you’re interested in our Mums and Bubs class.


Mum’s and Bubs yoga!

We still have some spots left so contact Ingrid if you are keen to trial a – 0433891775 Friday – 2-3pm (chai and snacks 3-4pm) $18 to trial a class at any time.


Regular Yoga Workshops

To be kept up to date about workshops, join the Yoga Workshop Group on Facebook.


Sat, June 18th: Low arm balances and their transitions

Time: 1:15pm
Location: Dance of Life, Fitzroy
By donation – plastic note
All practitioners, all experiences welcome 

1506 workshop

Nina will be teaching in with Jungleyoga in Thailand during Juli and first half of August, so the next workshop is envisaged for Aug 29th. Send in your suggestions for a topic.

Contact Nina with questions and suggestions.




Soundshower with Avishai – June 13th 7pm

visit the website to book

Prenatal Yoga Course

The 6-Week Prenatal Yoga Courses at Dance of Life run regularly  and commence every 2 months. They are suited for all trimesters and designed to support you during pregnancy, physically and emotionally by strengthening and nurturing the body. It is a weekly space to focus on your pregnancy and meet other mums-to-be. You will learn useful breathing techniques that women have employed for generations in assisting natural birth by staying centered, calm and strong. The body is going through vast inner and outer changes whilst growing a little human being and it is therefore important to nurture yourself with lots of love and tenderness.
Tuesdays from 5.30 to 7.00 Pm
Level 1, Room 2
For bookings or questions please contact Fee or 0414 343 566



Double Dip at DOL

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are double dip days!

Come to…

…Wednesdays 5:15pm and the 7:30pm class is free

… Thursdays 6:30am  and the 5:30pm class is free

…Fridays  7:30am and the 10am class is free


Queen’s Birthday weekend Yogafest, June 5-8 2015

Our last Yogafest during the Melbourne Cup weekend was again a full success! Nearly $20000 going to Amma :)

Yogafest is a bi-annual yoga retreat presented by the Dance of Life. All proceeds donated to Amma’s charitable works around the world! Check out for details and to register. The next Yogafest is held Queens Birthday weekend. More info to follow.



The next Kirtan will be held March 30th, 6:30 onwards. Other Kirtan dates for this year are:

August 1
August 29
Sept 26
Oct 24

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Donations go, as usual, to Amma’s charities.